Syntrio LMS (Lite) Version 8.7 
Welcome to Lighthouse's E-learning solution.

Our partnership with Syntrio provides you with concise and customizable courses focused on the subjects your employees and managers need to know in the areas of business skills and compliance with employment and health and safety regulations. We offer more than 100 engaging and interactive courses created in partnership with leading content experts.


  • Our "core concepts" approach to training ensures that each course focuses on exactly what employees need to know, delivering essential content through real-world examples and interactive exercises.
  • Our hosted solution is a flexible, robust and intuitive Learning Management System (LMS). From basic online course delivery and tracking to full featured learning management, LMS allows you to extend learning opportunities across your organization while centralizing training records for easy tracking and management.
  • Our flexible "launches-based" pricing model ensures that you'll get the most from your online learning investment.

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